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 The Ultimate Modern Hybrid Orchestra

Orchestral Power Meets Hybrid Sound Design Intensity

From the German word for “hunter”, Jaeger is a brawny and agile hybrid orchestral instrument with modernity at its core. Designed to fire up scores with a loudly dramatic flair, this is the tool that does it all.
Jaeger is the first release in a series of orchestral instruments that will usher you into a new era of modern cinematic music. As composers, we constantly find ourselves chasing that next creative spark, but our short deadlines don’t always allow us the time to let inspiration hit. Jaeger solves this problem: simply explore our diverse range of patches and the music will follow.

The Ultimate Comprehensive Package

Epic Orchestra
Intimately Recorded Syllables that effortlessly transition from one to another

Angelic Solo Vocals

Elevate your compositions with the ethereal vocals of Merethe Soltvedt. Spanning Ahhs, Oos, to Mms, and legato samples that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Cutting Edge Sound Design

AAA film and trailer sound effects: intense braaams, risers, gritty synth pulses, atmospheres, mechanized hybrid FX. No post-processing needed!

An Iconic Vocalist at your Fingertips

Merethe Soltvedt is an award-winning vocalist who has performed for composers such as Jeff Broadbent, Henry Lai, Tom Salta, Ivan Torrent and companies like Brand X, Two Steps From Hell, and Ghostwriter Music. A truly unique and very angelic voice that will add a whole other dimension to your music.

Hard Hitting Sound Design

A soundtrack writer’s dream! Jaeger contains a complete sound design library with a wide variety of hard-hitting and action/hybrid-focused drones, sfx, braaams, risers, and so much more.


Jaeger contains a full-on sound design suite with 12 categories and 14 patches: Braaams, Drones, Ethnic Flute SFX, 2x Hits, Mech Braaams, Mech Hits, Mech SFX, Pads, Pings, Pulses (120, 60), Risers, and Whooshes.

Made By The Best

Made by some of the best sound designers in the industry, with years of real-world experience creating sounds for blockbuster campaigns.


The sound design engine allows you to further customize each sound to your liking, to perfectly match it to your project and your needs.

The Orchestra

Capellen Music Production is an industry-recognized Film and Pop Symphony Expert. To date, Capellen has produced music for many film and record companies, including Warner Music, EMI Classic, Disney/Pixar, Maxis/Electronic Arts, Broadway Theatre, Two Steps From Hell, etc., and its recordings are considered as state of the art within the industry.







Audio Imperia

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