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Haunted Spaces Header

“There are spirits that haunt certain places”

The idea that certain places take on the weight of past events is familiar to all of us. Renowned field recordist Chris Watson has spent years collecting audio recordings from such places in one of his most personal projects. Ancient Temples, Ice Lagoons, Cold War Bases, Abandoned Silver Mines, Power Stations, Cathedrals, Canyons, Underwater Tunnels, Deserted Art Galleries and Maori Burial Caves all feature in this unique collection of recordings.

Haunted Spaces Sound Design

Haunted Spaces features a huge library of over 400 presets, created by a team of incredible sound designers. The core sample library contains 128 original Chris Watson field recordings, combined with hundreds of custom synth, acoustic and percussion waveforms to blend with the ambiences.

Notable sample sets include special versions of Soniccouture’s Novachord, Array Mbira, Bowed Piano, ebow Guitar and many more.

The Kontakt Instrument

  • MAIN PANEL – The heart of Haunted Spaces is the Cube control – a 4-point vector controller that allows you to create complex movements between 4 different waveforms of your choosing. The cube can be fully animated and the movements tempo-synced to your DAW. Each of the 4 waveforms can have independent filter, envelope, pitch and LFO settings.
  • WAVE BROWSER – Essential for navigating the huge range of samples in Haunted Spaces. View only Chris Watson recordings, or filter by synth waves, percussion, choirs etc. Clicking on a wave instantly auditions the sound in your patch.

Haunted Spaces GUI Screen

  • THE JAMMER – The latest evolution of our generative arpeggiator – Hold a chord, and let it evolve – or loop a section and jam between 12 sequences. Record your patterns with the MIDI recorder, and drag and drop into your DAW..
  • OPTIONS PANEL – The Options panel offers powerful tuning control over scales and individual notes. Choose from over 50 preset scales including pentatonics, African, Chinese & Mesopotamian setups, or create your own unique micro-tuning. Other options include MIDI setup for the control cube + pitch bend control.
  • THE EFFECTS PANEL – A completely user configurable FX chain: choose from 16 different effects in 6 insert slots – in any order you like. The Space processor offers everything from rooms and halls to vintage studio FX and custom ambient convolution effects.

The Control Cube


Haunted Spaces is based around a 4 point vector, or ‘XY’ controller. This allows you to fade between 4 different waveforms, each with their own synthesis setup. The Cube can be fully automated, all movements are recordable and sync to the DAW tempo.




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