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Your creativity, your control

Spitfire Studio Woodwinds is the third and final release in our vital Studio Orchestra range. By choosing the crisp and vibrant setting of AIR Studio One – a smaller, more controllable space than the opulent Lyndhurst Hall – we offer our fellow composers a woodwind library that captures every grain in depth and detail.

As with our other Professional Studio libraries, we have pursued less frequently heard relatives of the section – from the guttural, knotted depths of the contrabassoon to the gleaming sounds of the piccolo — solo and section performances, and an abundant range of articulations. The Professional edition gives you extra instruments, such as the contrabass clarinet and cor anglais, two mixes from renowned engineer Simon Rhodes, and extra mic positions — move from intimate microphones through to outriggers and ambients, or mix and match for absolute tonal control. Boasting the widest emotional range of performance in pin-sharp detail, Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional will breathe new life into your orchestra.

The final chapter

Two years in the making, Studio Woodwinds is the third section in our new Studio Orchestra series. It has all the treasured Spitfire hallmarks: A-list London session players, the best instruments and an unparalleled signal path recorded to tape by Grammy award-winning engineer Simon Rhodes – in a room perfectly suited to capturing the granular detail and velvet sonority of the woodwind family. As with our existing symphonic and chamber libraries, we have applied a “no stone unturned” approach: an encyclopaedia of articulations, dynamic layers and round-robins for seamless, nuanced realism.

Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional

Spitfire Studio Woodwinds takes you straight to the section’s roots for instant results: 143 articulations across 11 instruments, including 5 solo – all recorded to a Decca tree rig featuring Schoeps microphones.

The Professional edition offers you all of this and more, giving you 15 instruments – from the dazzling piccolo, down to the underbelly of the section: contrabassoon, contrabass clarinet and bass flute. Extensive control of the sound is available, with the inclusion of two ready-to-go mixestwo close-mic arrangementstwo Decca tree setups, ambients and outriggers. You can access and personalise your own mix of Simon’s microphone armoury — from pin-sharp to super-wide, picked up by the best from Neumann, Schoeps and Sennheiser.

This peerless detail and control extends to the articulations, which fulfil all the traditional requirements, but include extended techniques such as multitongue, air and key FX, staccatissimo and swells. Instantly usable, and immediately musical, whatever stage you are at.







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  1. pemaxd007

    Good quality.

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